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Ahead of Sierra Leone’s Presidential run-off, Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at the Northumbria University, Newcastle in the United Kingdom-Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw has appealed to all Sierra Leoneans to “vote for change and hope, and not hopeless continuity.”


He said Sierra Leoneans are faced with a very clear choice tovote for change and hope championed by the Sierra Leone People’s Party Presidential Candidate-Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio or to vote for hopeless continuity associated with the ruling All People’s Congress Party Presidential Candidate-Dr.SamuraKamara.

According to himthe ruling APC led government has over the past ten years brought untold suffering with over 70% youth unemployment, staggering inflation, poor living conditions, depleting educational facilities, sluggish economy, rising internal and external debts.

He therefore stated that “it is very clear that there is no better time for people to vote with their feet for change and hope to reverse this sad state of affairs and show the APC the exit door.”

He said the landmark defeat by the main opposition SLPP’s Presidential Candidate has largely demonstrated that he (Bio) is no doubt man of the moment. He claimed that if voting goes on in a free and fair manner, SLPP will emerge the victor.

“The worst thing that would happen to Sierra Leone since it gained its independence from Britain in 1961 is for Sierra Leoneans to wake up in the morning after the Presidential run-off to a SamuraKamara victory,” he said. He prayed that majority of voters would vote for change and hope, instead of this hopeless continuity called the APC and avoid this catastrophic doom.

Dr.Seaga Shaw noted that the current state of “hopelessness and mess” associated with the current APC regime is not only felt by the majority of Sierra Leoneans, but also by the international development partners and financial institutions.
He stressed that, “It is therefore in the country’s best interest to vote in change and hope with Maada Bio against the hopeless continuity of the APC under Samura.”

Outlining the reasons why people in his view should vote in change, Dr.Seaga Shaw said majority of Sierra Leoneans are suffering and can’t afford the basic three meals per day.

Inflation, he said has gotten worse because of the sluggish economic activity in the country largely caused by lack of access to finance and scarce goods and services.

He asserted that massive corruption and mismanagement of the country’s resources has dwindled the economy.

He went on to state that while a bag of rice was selling for 60,000 Leones during the SLPP led government in 2007, it is now selling at 250,000 Leones in 2018.

He said one of the sectors in human development that has suffered considerable reverse under the current APC regime is education. Restoring education to where it truly deserves to be among the country’s priorities is the topmost flagship project of the “New Direction” vision of Maada Bio and the SLPP.

As we can see from the above reasons, he continued, “there is no better time for the people of Sierra Leone to say enough is enough and a final bye to the APC and welcome back the SLPP under the leadership of Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.”