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 Supervision & Mentoring of PhD Students:  



I supervised the following PhD theses to completion

7th April 2017 ‘Practice of Human Rights Journalism in the Humanitarian Crisis of Sri Lanka and Constructing Options for R2P intervention’ by Senthan Selvarajah with a pass with minor amendments

2013-2017  ‘Understanding Human Rights Journalism in the context of China. The Case of the Beijing Olympic’ by Di Luo (Thesis submitted and viva examination   passed in November 2017)

2014-2017 ‘The Role of Public Relations in Establishing and Developing Successful Diplomatic Relations between Libya and the European Union’ by Suliman Saleh ( Viva passed in January  2018)


Ongoing PhD Supervision

 Since October 2015 ‘Political News Construction in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia’ by Indra Prawira

Since January 2016 ‘Online Activism and Political Decision-Making in Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria as a case study’ by  Azubuike Chidube.