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    Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

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    Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

        Books & Publications

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 Book Chapters

Shaw, I.S (2016) Citizen Journalism, Cyber-activism, and ‘crowdsourcing: The mediation of the sacking of Sierra Leone’s vice president Sam Sumana on Face Book. In Bruce Mutsvairo (Ed) Mobile Media, Digital Activism and Dilemmas for Democracy in Africa. Palgrave Macmillan. Hampshire. UK    

Roy, S & Shaw, IS (2016) Introduction: Communicating Differences—Toward Breaking the boundaries for Peace and Conflict Research. In Sudeshna Roy and Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (Eds.) Communicating Differences: Culture, Media, Peace and Conflict Negotiation. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK

Shaw, I.S (2016) Reporting the Lee Rigby Murder and the Anti-Muslim Hostilities in the UK in 2013: The Cultural Clash Communication and Human Wrongs Journalism Nexus. In Sudeshna Roy and Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (Eds.) Communicating Differences: Culture, Media, Peace and Conflict Negotiation. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK

Shaw, I.S (2015) From Citizen Journalism to Human Rights Journalism:

Framing the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone on Facebook. In Bruce Mutsvairo(Ed) Participatory Politics and Citizen Journalism in a Networked Africa: A Connected Continent

Shaw, Ibrahim S (2013) Humanitarian Journalism. In Fackson Banda (Ed.)  Model Curricula for Journalism Education: A compendium of New Syllabi. UNESCO Series on Journalism Education

Shaw, Ibrahim.S (2012) Human Rights Journalism: A critical Theoretical Framework of a new Strand of Peace Journalism. In Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Jake Lynch and Robert H Hackett (eds) Expanding Peace Journalism: Critical and comparative approaches .Sydney University Press

Lynch, J, R.A. Hackett and Shaw, I.S (2012) Introduction: Expanding Peace Journalism: Comparative and Critical Approaches. In Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Jake Lynch and Robert Hackett (Eds.) Expanding Peace Journalism: Comparative and Critical Approaches. Sydney University Press

Shaw, Ibrahim.S (2007) Le regard des journalists Occidentaux sur la guerre en Sierra Leone: LECTURE CRITIQUE DU TRAVAIL DE 3 JOURNALISTES FRANCAIS, IN François Biyele (Ed) Nouvelles approches des problematiques de communication  sur l’Afrique  subsaharienne: REPRESENTATIONS, IDEOLOGIE ET INSTRUMENTALISATION, L’Harmattan, Paris (Currently being translated into English)

Shaw, Ibrahim S (2000) Chemin Deficil d'exil  dans “Comment la France Traite l’Asile Politique”, L’Harmattan, Paris


Forthcoming Book Chapters

Shaw, I.S (2017) Communicating Differences Culture Conflict Negotiation. A call for a “glocal” rather than global (universal) journalism model. In Hayes Mawindi Mabweazara (Ed.) Newsmaking Cultures in Africa: Normative Trends in the Dynamics of Socio-Political & Economic Struggles. Palgrave MacMillan (Passed Peer Review)

Shaw, I.S (2016) Media, Culture and Human Rights: Towards an intercultural communication and human rights journalism nexus. In Howard Tumber and Julio Waisbord (Eds.)  Routledge Companion to Media and Human Rights (In press )

Shaw, I.S (2018) The Prospects and Challenges of Mediating Peacebuilding in Africa: Towards a human rights journalism approach. In Jacinta Maweu and Admire Mare (Eds) Media, Conflicts and Peace building in Africa. Routledge

Shaw, I.S (2018) Western Liberal Democracy: How different is the African Journalism model? In Mehita Iqani and Sarah Chiumbu (Eds) Media Studies.  Oxford University  Press. UK

Shaw, I.S (2018) From financial journalism to business journalism: Towards public business journalism. In Jacqueline Lima Dorado, Denise Lopez Da Silva, and Renan Da Silva Marques (Eds.) Political Economy of Journalism Tendencies, prospects and regional development

 Preface and Foreword

Shaw, I.S (2016) Preface. In Charlène Cabot: Climate Change, Security Risks, and Conflict Reduction in Africa: A Case Study of Farmer-Herder Conflicts over Natural Resources in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Burkina Faso. Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace, vol. 12 (Berlin – Heidelberg – New York: Springer, 2016).

Shaw, I.S (2016) Foreword. Hans Günter Brauch, Ursula Oswald Spring, Juliet Bennett, Serena Eréndira Serrano Oswald (Eds.): Addressing Global Environmental Challenges from a Peace Ecology Perspective. SpringerBriefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace, vol. 27 (Cham–Heidelberg – New York – Dordrecht – London: Springer-Verlag, 2016)


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