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    Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

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    Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

        Journal articles

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Journal articles

Shaw, Ibrahim Seaga (2012) Stereotypical Representations of Muslims and Islam following the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London: Implications for Intercultural Communication and Terrorism Prevention. International Communication Gazette (SAGE). Volume 13. Autumn. 74 (6).  509-524

Roy, Sudeshna and Shaw, Ibrahim Seaga (2012) (Guest Editors) Intercultural Communication in a conflict-torn world: Critical questions/connections/implications (Editorial). International     Communication Gazette (SAGE) October. 74 (6). 507-508

Shaw, Ibrahim S (2012) The ‘War on Terror’ frame and Washington Post’s linking of the Sierra Leone civil war to 9/11 and Al Qaeda: Implications for US foreign policy in Africa. Journal of African Media Studies. Intellect. Vol.4. No.1

Franks, Suzanne and Shaw, Ibrahim Seaga (2012) Global Media and the War on Terror: Why Some Wars Matter? In Suzanne Franks &   Ibrahim Seaga Shaw co-editors (2012) Media and the ‘War on Terror’ in Africa. Journal of African Media Studies. Intellect. Vol. 4.No. 1      

Shaw, Ibrahim S ( 2010) The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention: A critical analogy of the British Response to end the Slave Trade and the Civil War in Sierra Leone. Journal of Global Ethics. Routledge Taylor & Francis. Vol.6 Issue 3

Shaw, Ibrahim, S (2009) Towards an African Journalism Model: A Critical Historical Perspective. The International Communication Gazette. SAGE.Vol 71. No 6.p491 October

Shaw, Ibrahim, S (2009) The ‘us only’ and ‘us+them’ frames in reporting the Sierra Leone war: Implications for peace journalism and global justice in Ethical Space. March

Shaw, Ibrahim, S (2007)‘Historical Frames and the politics of humanitarian intervention: From Ethiopia, Somalia to Rwanda’  in Globalisation, Societies and Education. Routledge: Taylor and Francis. Vol.5 No.3 November 2007

Shaw, Ibrahim,  S (2007) ‘The media’s agenda-setting role in Liberia’s 2005 presidential runoff election’. Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies. Routledge Taylor and Francis. 2007; 28: 56 – 80

Shaw, Ibrahim,  S (2006) “Western Media Correspondents and the Sierra Leone Civil War (1996-2001): Evocative or Diagnostic Reporting?” in Africa Quarterly, Aug-Oct, Vol 46 , No.3, 2006    

“Deux correspondants AFP et leurs sources face a l’attaque sanglante de Freetown par des rebelles du RUF du 6 jan.1999”, JOURNEE d’ETUDE “ FIGURES DU TEMOINS”, May 2004, ASSIC, CHRIME, University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle

Guest Editor

In Suzanne Franks &   Ibrahim Seaga Shaw co-editors (2012) Media and the ‘War on Terror’ in Africa. Journal of African Media Studies. Intellect. Vol. 4.No. 1      

Sudeshna Roy &  Shaw, Ibrahim Seaga  (2012) – Critical Intersections @ The Centre: Reflections on the Centrality of Intercultural Communication in a Conflict-Torn World. International Communication Gazette (SAGE). Volume 13. Autumn 74 (6). 


Academic Journal  

Shaw, I.S (2018) How the 7/7 bombing was framed and remembered in Africa 10 years on: Implications for Intercultural communication and human rights journalism Journalism: Theory and Practice (Special 10th Anniversary Issue guest-edited by Julian Matthews of Leicester University—Abstract reviewed and accepted, article under peer review. Passed first stage of peer review. Revising for re-submission in September 2017)


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