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    Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

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    Dr Ibrahim Seaga Shaw

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I supervised the following PhD theses to completion
  •  7th April 2017 ‘Practice of Human Rights Journalism in the Humanitarian Crisis of Sri Lanka and Constructing Options for R2P intervention’ by Senthan Selvarajah with a pass with minor amendments
  •  2013-2017  ‘Understanding Human Rights Journalism in the context of China. The Case of the Beijing Olympic’ by Di Luo (Thesis submitted and viva examination   passed in November 2017)
  •  2014-2017 ‘The Role of Public Relations in Establishing and Developing Successful Diplomatic Relations between Libya and the European Union’ by Suliman Saleh ( Viva passed in January  2018)

        Other PhD Supervision

  •  Since October 2015 ‘Political News Construction in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia’ by Indra Prawira
  • Since January 2016 ‘Online Activism and Political Decision-Making in Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria as a case study’ by  Azubuike Chidube

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